iPhone Food Photography Workshop

GREAT iPhone food photography class with Ottawa food photographer Ana Tavares today! Not just jam-packed with insights, tips & strategies for taking beautiful food photos. Ana also helped me get me unstuck about Instagram. I'd been resisting. But she made it seem easy and fun, which it actually is!

Irene TobisAna Tavares
SPAO Digital Prints Show

Great fun showing off my latest photos at an informal show today at the new home of the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa in Little Italy. I was one of 8 students in J.A. Lamont's Fall 2017 Advanced Digital Printing class. No charge. No refreshments. Just us and some gorgeous prints. 

Many thanks to Jim for a fabulous class, and to my classmates for their support and camaraderie.

Irene Tobis
First mounted prints!

Just got the first couple of dry-mounted medite boards from Display Laminating and I'm thrilled!

BEAUTIFUL, clean beveled edges. Both black (around the plums) and white (around the tomatoes) look great.

I'm experimenting with 4 levels of matte/gloss finish. I had thought I'd want the most matte, since kitchen lights can create so much glare, but the most matte dulled the color. I think I'll settle on a satin finish, which is still quite low-glare but allows the colors to pop.

Irene Tobis